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Low Profile : Simply Saucer

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They have been called "pioneers" and "as quintessentially Canadian as Medicare and street hockey". Music critic Carl Wilson says that "they sounded like no one else in Canada, almost nobody in the world". They have been praised by artists such as Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth and Julian Cope of the Teardrop Explodes. Their first album has been hailed as one of the best Canadian releases in history. And you probably have never even heard of them. The band is Simply Saucer, and by rights, they should have been lost forever, buried in the gritty depths of Hamilton's music history. Emerging from the industrial city of Hamilton, Ontario in the early 1970's, Simply Saucer created a distinct and original sound that was decidedly out of step with the musical climate of the day - a heady mixture of pre-punk noise (Velvet Underground, Stooges) - Krautrock (Can, Neu) and U.K. prog/psyche (Hawkwind, Pink Fairies, Syd Barret) amongst others - far ahead of their time and unappreciated at home. Simply Saucer garnered no critical praise until a decade after they broke up.


Almost 30 years after the band disbanded, Simply Saucer are being hailed as "the band that refused to die", placing 36th in the "Top 100 Canadian Albums" book released in 2007 by journalist Bob Mersereau.


This is their story -  a story as anomalous as their sound.

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